Here is our development methodology for software projects

Each IT project is unique and requires a good understanding of the industry in which the system will be used. If the first steps of a web-based business can be implemented easily, it is much more difficult to maintain an effective and harmonious orientation over time without the help of a professional. The evolution of a software is complex, but its success does not include any magic component. In engineering, we establish a systematic, repeatable, measurable and testable approach for each stage of a project’s life cycle. Here are the main steps …

Understanding your needs and requirements

Each company offers a unique value proposition for a particular market. For an IT solution to grow your business, it’s important to understand your vision and share your desire to achieve the goals. The most reliable way to do this will be to meet and study your needs to properly define the requirements of the right solution for your business.

Documentation and planning

A computer project is rarely done by one person so discussing and understanding business needs is not enough. The definition of your requirements is a crucial step in a successful project but must be followed by a documentation and planning phase, an aspect often neglected. We will create the necessary documents for all stakeholders to be able to contribute effectively to the realization of the IT solution. Then we will plan priorities, milestones and timelines to meet your business goals.

Prototype and validation

A computer project will be constantly evolving, especially when the first versions of the project are realized. In order to understand the important features of your application and create them according to your real needs, it is ideal for the stakeholders who will use them to try them out quickly. Before initiating the creation of your solution, a first prototype version will be developed and will serve as a guide to validate that the solution to be developed will serve your business needs in the best possible way.

Functional Development and Testing

Then comes the development phase where every requirement of your project will be developed according to the established priorities and deadlines. We use the agile methodology with short development cycles which allows to have a continuous functional version of your application where the different modules will be gradually implemented. Finally, the automated test suites will make it easy to verify that your entire IT solution is running flawlessly.

Maintenance, evolution and training

Launching an application is just the starting point. To be used effectively, its administrators must be adequately trained and its users feel supported. A satisfied user of his experience will become the best growth point for your business but the reverse can also happen. It is therefore important to ensure that you validate with your customers how to better serve them and put in place a plan for continual improvement of the product.