Love Energetics School

Love Energetics School

Project Description

Love Energetics School promotes a healing method based on the circulation of energy flows in the human body. Yvon Dubé, creator of the technique, travels throughout Quebec and Europe to explain his method and certify therapists.

Some task that I've completed
  • Develop an e-commerce to support the sale and booking of tickets for events
  • Develop a data synchronization system between the website and the company's internal management system.
  • Develop an authenticated user management module with a therapist type profile.
  • Develop a research module for therapeutics and events. The search supports an advanced system of filters as well as the SEO-friendly list format, Google map with clusters and dynamic calendar.
  • Create an interactive report to cross data from different systems and improve the processing time per person from 5-6 minutes to 15-25 seconds
  • Develop the English version of the site
Other infos
Developed in August 2017
Developed for: Yvon Dubé of Love Energetics

As a naturotherapist, author, speaker and trainer, my journey towards a career in healing has been as unusual as it is natural. While my passion for the energetic dimension of the human being has been present for a few decades, the feeling of interrelation with nature and my natural ability to feel energy are things that have been inside me since childhood. However, I took a more Cartesian path, towards a career and studies in computer science, which I practiced until the end of the 1990s, when the call of the Heart was heard with a power that I could have ignored.